“The name ‘via.’ alludes to the belief that the path of design is where all aesthetic disciplines converge towards a holistic experience.”

Established in 2009, via. is an inter-disciplinary architecture and interior design practice known for delivering considered spatial responses in relation to the physical world. Led by founder and principal, Frank Leung, the studio’s client list includes leading developers, hospitality operators and private clients.

Driven by the curiosities of life and a continual quest for beauty, via. creates architecturally choreographed spaces imbued with an emotional resonance tailored to each project’s locale, purpose and aspirations.

The energy of the studio is drawn from close collaborations with passionate craftsmen and artisans, matched with in-house talent in a range of creative fields – from architecture and interior design, to graphics, furniture, materials and interior styling.

Based in Hong Kong with a diverse team of over 40 staff, via. takes commissions in architecture and design challenges for residential, hospitality, as well as art and cultural projects across the region.