movement, broadcast, resonance

The original ArtisTree hosted many high-profile exhibitions and events for its Taikoo Place community. The mission for the new ArtisTree, relocated to a cavernous space with a more compact footprint, is to enable a greater variety of content – including performance art – to be held.

A warm, “timber” gate constructed from undulating aluminium profiles resemble water ripples and symbolize broadcast and resonance. When opened, these gates and its metal grilles draw visitors into the central performance area. Enveloping the performance area is a flowing fabric of open boxes – a wall sculpture with over 1,000 metallic boxes, each in slight rotation from the next, spanning 18 meters in length and almost 6 meters in height.

“The ‘open box’ concept is our interpretation for a new kind of experimental arts venue, where the activity within engages with the outside community.”

While multi-purpose performance spaces are often nicknamed “black box” theatres, via. proposed the concept of an “open box”, one that resonates with people who work and live around Taikoo Place, and one that broadcasts the artistic and creative energy of what goes on inside to the wider community.

The performance area is also fitted with state-of-the-art stage lighting and audio-visual technologies. Flexibility is allowed for a variety of live shows, as well as town hall events, product launches and fashion shows.

Location: Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay
Client: Swire Properties
Completed Year: 2017