yíshè at atrium house

A celebration of heritage and modernity, Yíshè at Atrium House reimagines the Chinese vernacular courtyard house for contemporary social living.

The spatial sequence unfolds in layers. Movement is directed into a courtyard comprising brick pavilions around a central pool. Through the concept of ‘Light Moments’, the site is delineated into four key zones, where subtle colors convey the times of a day – from dawn to day, dusk to night. When viewed from the residences above, pavilions become vessels for trees, creating a ‘fifth elevation’ for its inhabitants.

yíshè at atrium house reimagines the vernacular courtyard house as a model for contemporary living.

Brick pavilions house social amenities – Chess, Calligraphy, Banquet, Gym and Play – anchored by a Tea Salon framing the landscape. Clad with Chinese green bricks, curved brick walls define a network of paths around the courtyard. Perforations in the brickwork were left to allow light to pass through.

light moments

The Banqueting facilities share the same design language. A dramatic stepped ceiling takes its rhythmic form from rice terraces, and reflects the varying depths of the planters above pavilion roofs. Pivoting windows connect the inside and outside.

a living heritage

Interior details reference traditional crafts – wooden furniture, porcelain ware, and other sculptural curiosities. Bespoke room signage are created from layered metal sheets, with a custom Chinese font.

The dramatic entrance is framed by angled brick walls and reflective pools. Beyond the towering gates, a gradient “shadow wall” indicating colors of dawn spans the entire lobby to greet incoming guests.

Location: Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Client: New World Development Completed

Year: 2021

Photographer: Harlim Djauhar Winata, Kris Provoost, Kenneth Chao

Video Direction: Harlim Djauhar Winata at Glamfab