house from 1930’s

an ode to bauhaus

Situated in a coveted location in Kowloon, this exclusive private residence was designed to frame the surrounding vistas.

To honor the house’s original, modernist architecture, greys and browns are used to create a contemporary abode for a small family. The ground floor showcases a crafted staircase – complete with recessed lighting and feature handles –that leads to the first floor bedrooms.

“We took special care in preserving the original structure and retained elements that were integral to the architectural design.”

via. also designed the garden space, fence wall and gates, with integral lighting design by Spectrum Design & Associates, and softscape design by Urbis.

Along the staircase are a pair of recessed windows that frame the beautiful foliage outside and the mountain views beyond.

Location: Kowloon
Client: Private
Completed Year: 2016