one soho

a social hub for leisure, wellness and work

Inspired by the dynamic and ever-evolving qualities of its urban fabric, via. drew synergies with Manhattan’s Chelsea district for the design of ONE SOHO Clubhouse. The all-encompassing social hub embraces bold use of colors, materials, details and furniture with a mid-century modern aesthetic.

relaxed aesthetics

The PORCH marks the Club’s sense of arrival, giving guests first impressions with views of a covered garden and access to the various functions. The hallway is connected with the MAILROOM, a space for chance meetings of neighbors, which is given a soothing apple green.

At the heart of the clubhouse, the ROASTERY is an all-day salon designed to accommodate both work and relaxation throughout the day. A rosy salmon hue and muted earthy shades are used to evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation.

A vestibule to the GREAT ROOM, the ANTEROOM resembles an open library with cosy seating arrangements for users to wind down. This semi-private area also features grid-framed fluted glass windows that offer a glimpse of the lush outdoor greenery.

all-inclusive lounge and dining venue

The GREAT ROOM is painted in a neutral bone color to receive daylight. Inspired by factory-turned-galleries, north-facing clerestory windows are installed to bring the sky into the interior space. At night, one can gaze through these windows to see the lights of the surrounding high-rise.

Location: Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Year: 2023

Photographer: Kenneth Chao, Tan Hai Han

Video Direction: Avofilm