residence coo show suites

vibrant, energetic, urban, tribal

The vibrant palette consists of vermilion and teal hues, matched with dark metal trims, oak and concrete surfaces.

“the ‘Urban Tribe’ apartment draws inspiration from colorful works of art by Canadian artist Jeff Depner, and Australian Aboriginal painter Rosie Goodjie.”

The one-bedroom apartment boasts an open-planned space; a custom-made, French oak floor is used to give a sense of warmth and continuity.

Fixtures for the pantry, wardrobe, and bathroom are defined by a metal framework with timber or glass panels. Another sculptural set of frames, integrated with patterned glass and white marble shelves, delineates the sleeping area from the living space.

A selection of furniture and accessories once again highlight the lively color scheme. Art work, including a limited edition Frank Schott photograph printed on a skateboard by Doodah, is featured to reflect the youthful, energetic vibe of the target buyers.

Location: One Oasis, Macau

Client: Concordia

Completed Year: 2018