the vert house

reimagining modular living

For the “25 Years of Design” Exhibition, via. tackles the theme of “modular living” in the context of Hong Kong’s dense urban environment. The visionary project, named The Vert House – “vert” meaning to turn or bend, and a suggestion of verticality and greenery – is imagined as a lightweight and sustainable alternative to current housing solutions.

a balance of privacy and community

The Vert House blends modular accommodation, commercial and community facilities designed to balance social connectivity and privacy. Lower levels of the tower make up a lively neighborhood destination, containing shops, cultural and art venues, accessible by the public through a vibrant atrium – The Forum. Modular living units are located on the remaining floors, with options ranging from studios to one or two-bedroom flats.

vertically-layered communities

Aerial courtyards are located at every 8th or 10th floor, serving as collective zones for social activities. Hallways are sinuous passages that link the residences and create intimate pocket spaces lined with greenery.

modular designs for varying household sizes

Built from box-like modules, the tower’s parametric design features a series of curved apertures, which allow daylight to penetrate into the courtyards. Designed for single dwellers or small families, the apartments are made up of two to three prefabricated modules, oriented to provide generous living space and enhanced access to natural light

considered living spaces

The exhibition’s sample unit provides a well-considered home for a nuclear family. The one-bedroom flat employs bright colors with light grey tones to create an energetic interior space. The thematic use of circles is derived from the admiration of the full moon in Chinese culture.

Conceptual design for the “25 Years of Design” Exhibition

Year: 2022

Visualizations: via.

Photographer: Kenneth Chao


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