raw. vegetarian. art. barcelona

The name VANIMAL combines the “v” from vegetarian with “animal”, two seemingly opposing words that are used to describe a craving for vegetarian cuisine.

At the entrance, guests are greeted by a 17-foot long timber sculpture – a low-lying VANIMAL that defines the dining area and doubles as a bar. At the center of restaurant, a 15-foot long communal table – a single piece of glass supported by timber logs and surrounded by VANIMAL chairs – symbolizes a culture of sharing.

“Vegetarian dining shouldn’t feel like a penalty. It should be fun and vibrant.” Paul Hui co-owner of VANIMAL

Taking a wide range of inspirations, from Jean Michel Basquiat’s dinosaur and Antonio Gaudi’s Park Güell, to silhouettes of plants and animals, the interior design is a study in contrasts and colors. Original artwork and custom-designed furniture in vibrant tones are set against a raw, industrial background with a concrete surface.

The open bar and kitchen anchor the space, where jars of pickled vegetables, as well as specialty drinks are on display. The aroma and action in the kitchen animate the restaurant, bringing a lively ambience to the whole establishment.

Location: Cadogan, Kennedy Town

Client: PNP Taste

Completed Year: 2015