wwf peter scott visitor centre

photo courtesy of WWF Hong Kong

nature classroom

Nestled at the entrance of Mai Po Nature Reserve, the WWF Peter Scott Visitor Centre is a dedicated hub for conservation and management of wetland ecosystem, environmental research and immersive learning experiences.

a sparse yet warm palette

The program envisions a dynamic and public Ground Floor that welcomes visitors with its Learning Centre, Jockey Club Gallery, a gift shop and Kingfisher café.


Spatially, a pyramidal volume gives a unifying core of gravity to the whole Centre. This asymmetrical volume is achieved by simply linking the skylight, which is proportioned to give generous daylight while reducing thermal gain, and the footprint of the atrium.

This child-like, primitive but uplifting form is defined by mass-bamboo slats, with three “bird hides” on the Upper Floor overlooking visitors and activities below.

subdued color scheme

The Upper Floor houses numerous private spaces for researchers and staff, featuring a series of interior volumes -accommodation rooms, meeting and training rooms.

Location: Mai Po Wetlands

Year: 2023

Photographer: Kris Provoost, Marcus Yau, Frank Leung