“Brezza” – A Slice of the Italian Riviera
work - Apr 9, 2020

Located atop the hills overlooking the Sai Kung Peninsula, 133 Portofino is a premium residential property launching in 2021.

via. was tapped to design the development’s interiors, including the residents’ club house, handover standards, and an external sales gallery located off-site.

“I was inspired by the project’s location in Sai Kung, a place which reminds me of Portofino’s unique terrain and crescent-shaped coastline,” explains Frank Leung, Founder and Principal. “Our design intent from the start was to inject the relaxed attitude and openness from the Riviera region into this idyllic setting.”

Photography by Kenneth Chao


Dubbed “Brezza”, the gallery is enveloped by curved walls which bend and fold to recall gentle waves and the sea breeze. A range of nautical elements, including woven patterns, rattan details and delicate hues are introduced, mirroring the studio’s design for the future club house.

Photography by Frank Leung


Photography by Kenneth Chao